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I use the Deep Blue Bonefish/Permit tapered leaders for both freshwater and saltwater purposes. They are absolutely perfect for throwing big, topwater bugs for giant smallmouth on the New River. I prefer the 2x size for my purposes, and with 11.1lbs of break strength, they get the job done when I need them the most. And what I don’t use during the summer season, I carry to Belize for permit and bonefish. Thanks Froghair for such a great product!

Britt Stoudenmire, New River Outdoor Co Pembroke, VA


I know the Froghair material intimately (having field-tested it extensively) and I know the company--I have the highest regard for both. I’m a retired banker and accountant, but I soon learned how to explain why eradiation and altered molecular structure are important and helpful to the fly fisher. Frog Hair products are simply the best, and honestly I would gladly pay full retail for them—they’re that good.

Ted Fauceglia, Certified Casting Instructor and Froghair Pro Staff Sharpsville, PA



As a seasoned veteran, experienced and noted “top guide” professional fishing I have the ability to choose most of my sponsors and therefore what gear I use for my business. I have chosen and have been using Gamma / Frog Hair lines for many years and have always had great success. Gamma / Frog Hair products offer performance and therefore an advantage that no other line can offer. If you too want to use the best, use Gamma / Frog Hair!

Capt. Pier Milito, FishingAdventureCharters.com South Florida


I am a dedicated user of Frog Hair indicators. They stay where they are put and they are very easy to adjust by simply sliding them up and down the leader. I have seen others miss opportunities to catch fish because they didn’t take the time to adjust the height of an indicator that is not easy to use. That isn’t the case with Frog Hair indicators. They are simple and effective.

John Gray, Charlotte, NC




Being a guide in Colorado and Montana, I fish large and small rivers! Without a doubt, my clients land more fish using Frog Hair tippet! I believe it to be the best in the business !!!

Greg Blessing, FFF Certified Casting Instructor Colorado Springs, CO



I choose Froghair fluorocarbon tippet for it’s shock absorbance and durability. I want a tippet that is labeled and has the correct breaking point. Chasing a world record wasn’t taken lightly so I wanted a premium tippet with customer service to back it. Froghair gave me that and now I have the 2 lb tippet world record for spotted bass. Weighing in at 3 lbs, 14 oz. this river run spot truly put my gear to the test and Froghair held strong.

Todd West, 2 lb world record holder Rome, GA