See what our anglers have to say about FrogHair performance.


I use Frog Hair Fluorocarbon in 13.2 17.6 and 22.0 for all my Atlantic salmon fishing leaders. The stretch helps at the point of any last minute lunges by the fish to avoid breakage, and the thin diameter and clear colour of the material means even in the gin clear waters of the Aberdeenshire Dee, it's invisible to the fish.

This fish was 17lb. fresh from the sea with sea lice still attached meaning it had been in the river for less than 24hours, and was returned alive. One of the brightest "mirror silver" Atlantic salmon you will ever see."

Wayne Napier-Gibbins

"The fish below was caught using Frog Hair 7x mono tippet added onto a 9.5' 6x leader. The fly used was a size 28 adult black fly. This 22" brown was caught on the South Holston Tailwater in East Tennessee.

I have used Frog Hair leaders and tippets exclusively for many years. I will say that I don't loose fish with their leaders and tippets. My clients are amazed at how hard they can lean on a fish getting it to the net. Frog Hair leaders and tippets have great shock absorption when those trophy fish make those hard powerful lunges to deep water, the abrasion resistance keep the fish from rubbing on the rocks and logs that would break a normal leader. Many of my clients have now began using Frog Hair leaders and tippets exclusively after being exposed to their performance on my guided trips."

Randy Ratliff
Troutfishers Guide Service

"Froghair is all I use now for my salmon fishing.  My previous line always broke at the knot and I have found that Froghair fluorocarbon has a much better knot strength."

Tony Aiello